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Hosted in person and virtually at John P. Stevens High School from June 3rd to June 4th

Thank you to all 250+ participants!

About Us

HackJPS will be a hybrid (in person & virtual) hackathon hosted by students of John P. Stevens High School in Edison, NJ during the weekend of June 3rd, 2023. This is an official event conducted with the permission of JPS administration. HackJPS was first hosted virtually in 2020 with over 300 participants, and was a great success.

Participation will be open to middle and high school students (aged 13+) from Edison as well as from other locations or school districts. Participants may have any level of experience, or none at all. We are welcoming to beginners and experts alike!

Additionally, participants will be able to attend in-person or virtual workshops hosted by sponsors or student organizations, exposing them to a multitude of other topics that might interest them.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competition (usually taking place on a weekend) in which student programmers get together, form small teams, and compete to create the best projects they can within the given amount of time. Hackathons may offer prizes (often contributed by sponsors) for the overall best project as well as the best projects in multiple specific categories.

Hackathons are designed to bring young people together around a common interest in technology and further develop that interest by allowing them to enjoy themselves while gaining valuable experience. Attendees often make new friends, gain new skills, and have a great time together. Hackathons are especially valuable for those with less experience because they are introduced to peers and mentors who are enough to help them get started on their journey into STEM.

Who can attend?

All high school and middle school students aged 13+ are welcome to attend!

How do I attend in person?

Our in-person venue will be held on June 3rd from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM at John P. Stevens High School (855 Grove Ave, Edison, NJ, 08820) in the cafeteria. You don't need to be there the whole time, but our opening ceremony will be held live at that location around 9:30. You also don't need to be an Edison student to attend. However, you must register in order to attend. Pizza will be provided for lunch free of charge. Furthermore, although the venue will be open for six hours, HackJPS will continue virtually for the remainder of the competition period.

Attending in person would be a great opportunity to make some new friends and form a team with other participants like yourself.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to attend! HackJPS is a learning experience, and we don't want to make you pay for it.

When is it?

HackJPS will open on June 3rd following our opening ceremony sometime around 9:00 AM. Projects should be submitted by 1:00 PM on June 4th.

Do I need coding/hackathon experience to attend?

Nope! You can be a complete beginner. We'll have plenty of workshops and mentors to help you get started, and you'll also be able to meet other beginners like yourself.

Do I need a team before I can sign up?

If you don't have a team before the event, don't worry! We encourage you to meet new students during or at the beginning of the event through Discord or in person if you come to the physical venue. The maximum number of hackers on a team is 5. Once you do form a team, make sure to add your team members to your submission on Devpost!

What can I win?

Specific are to be determined, but in total the prizes are currently worth over $55,000!

This event is made possible by our amazing sponsors!

Google Google
Wolfram Language Wolfram Language
Taskade Taskade
Balsamiq Balsamiq
GradeScout.live GradeScout.live
John P. Stevens High School John P. Stevens High School
echo3D echo3D
Axure Axure
Voiceflow Voiceflow
The Hack Foundation Fiscally Sponsored by the Hack Foundation

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